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Monday, 10 March 2014

Ten Years Later

I looked and looked but never found
On the spring sweet grass of the Ooty Downs
A sign of the place where the horses ran -
Looked and sighed but could not discover
The narrowest path in the close green clover
Nor one rusty horseshoe to prove where they ran.
On open stretches in rides enchanted
The beat of our hearts too fast to be counted
We rocked to the canter and rose to the trot
While the sun beat down so golden and hot
And the grass was pounded and trampled away
But that was another, a happier day.
Now ten years later I stand and gaze
At the empty Downs in the summer haze
I see a ghost rider, he shouts "Ride On!"
Tears blur my eyes - when I blink he is gone.
Silly in the sunlight to cry like this
Silly to sigh now for all that I miss.
Lost horses, old friends, a long vanished season
I tell myself I must listen to reason
For that which is past can not ever come back
My life has been good, there is nothing I lack
Yet I long for those days that will never return
For all that I had then for ever I'll yearn.

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  1. Couldn't stop those tears from rolling down... Beautiful!!